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RP Journal!

Name: Wirt
Series: Over the Garden Wall
Timeline: End of series.
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Personality: Wirt is a generally pessimistic person, whether it’s due to his age of roughly 14/15, or his familial situation. When he was young, his mother remarried, and had a child with her new husband, Wirt’s half brother, Gregory. He’s also started high school recently, and likes non traditional things such as interior decorating, playing the clarinet, and poetry. All these factors lead to some rather low self esteem, and the false perception that he’s a social outcast among his friends, taking their good natured, harmless, teasing as contempt, and laments that he wasn’t invited to a party, though, it was revealed shortly that he was quite welcome- it was quite possible his friends had assumed that he knew he was welcome there. He is definitely the type to make everything seem and sound worse than it actually is. This causes him problems in the Unknown, and he gives up hope, WHICH YOU SHOULD NEVER DO IN THE UNKNOWN.

Wirt is very logical, preferring to think things through than act impulsively, though, the Unknown doesn’t allow much of that, and he’s forced to think on his feet quite often. He can be quite adaptable in those situations, for example, riding Fred the horse to save Beatrice despite never having ridden before and even saying he didn’t know how to ride- yet he was able to grab Greg and his frog, and take off in the rain into the woods galloping on the horse. In a less intense situation, he was able to pick up and play the bassoon with relative ease. In fact, he’s quite musically inclined and seemingly much so that both his step father and Greg think he should be part of his school’s marching band, though, of course, due to his pessimism, he doesn’t think he’s good enough. Despite his instrumental ability, he can’t sing well at all, and doesn’t like to- something that Greg tries to get him to do often. Due to his logical nature, Wirt isn’t a believer in the supernatural or magical, and in the instance that he’s faced with such things, he tends to force himself to ignore it or chant that whatever it is isn’t real, isn’t happening, and he’s just seeing things. However, due to the very supernatural nature of the Unknown, the further he travels in it, the more strange and magical things he’s forced to accept until it at very least doesn’t seem so unreasonable to him any more. Wirt also scares very easily and won’t have any sort of confrontation unless he’s got no choice or if someone close to him is at stake.

Though he likes to appear mature and adult, Wirt can be childish and naive at times. When Beatrice accused him of always following orders, he proceeded to do everything he was told by Miss Langtree, the teacher of the schoolhouse they had just entered to get back at her. He also kept a pair of magic scissors from Beatrice out of spite when he assumed she had betrayed him and Greg by selling them to a witch as slaves- [it had been her initial goal, but as she came to know them she no longer wanted to and was trying to talk the witch out of it when they arrived.] He was able to see Beatrice’s sorrow and desire to make things right with them in the end, and he forgave her. By the end of the series, he’s definitely become more responsible, and more confident in himself. He still has self esteem issues, but he’s definitely on the right track to liking himself and being much more confident in himself...even letting a little of Greg’s optimism rub off on him.

Despite his often annoyance with his younger brother, Wirt is still quite responsible for, and actively looks out for his younger brother. Though it can be quite subtle, especially during times of frustration, Wirt has his brother’s safety and best interest at heart in any given situation- for example, holding onto the woodsman’s axe for safety and to protect Greg, though Wirt himself isn’t very capable of wielding any sort of weapon very well. Wirt tends to keep his anger bottled up- he seethes when he sees Jason Funderberger hitting on Sarah, yet, he doesn’t do anything but get mad. When his anger hits it’s peak, he lashes out at anyone around him, and Greg is usually the victim of of this.

One of Wirt’s better qualities is that he can learn a lesson or gain insight on something [such as stealing two cents for a ferry ride] that he had previously had a different opinion on, and still remain the same person fundamentally. For example, in a lot of situations like Wirt’s own, another person would change themselves completely at the end of such a journey like a flip of a coin. Wirt, however, is much more realistic a character. He’s got a believable morally gray area, figuring it was ok to take two cents from the rich man, they’d probably find some loose change and he’d never miss it. Again, at the end of the series he learns to appreciate and be patient with his brother more and to be more confident in himself, though, he warns Sarah, his crush, not to listen to the tape he’d made for her- still fearing humiliation because of it’s contents of poetry and clarinet.

Despite all his pessimistic traits, Wirt is capable of being happy and even having fun- even going as far as to dance around with Greg. He can be kind and very caring for others’ happiness and well being as well, jumping in to help Lorna after hearing about how she has to do chores at all hours and has to obey the order to do them, not just because there was a bit of attraction- he wanted to help her out of her situation. While riding the ferry to Adelade’s he celebrates with Greg because he thinks they’re finally going home, and continues to try to cheer Beatrice up, not knowing that she’s trying to figure out how to keep him and his brother from becoming slaves to the witch.

Logical. Wirt is very logical and prefers to act on facts and knowledge rather than hope and faith.

Responsible. Though it can be subtle, Wirt is pretty responsible for both his own safety and that of anyone in his “care” most often his little brother.

React on the fly. Wirt is able to react to quick changing and stressful situations usually enabling the group to get away from or defeat some evil.

Artsy. Fluent in Clarinet, Wirt has also shown adaptability for other wood winds, such as the Basoon. He also is a fan of and writes his own poetry, spouting lines when he knows he won’t be mocked for it.

Caring. When he’s not absorbed in his own perceived problems, Wirt does care quite a lot for his friends and family. He just has trouble expressing it, due to his generally pessimistic nature.

Pessimism. Wirt is the very definition of “glass half empty”. When things go right, they’re bad, and when they go bad, they’re HORRID. He often sabotages himself with the bad what ifs, and because of it, buts both him and his brother in real danger.

Stubborn. Wirt likes what he knows. When presented with the unknown, he flat out denies it’s existence until it slaps him in the face- or tries to kill him. This, along with his pessimism, nearly got him consumed by an Edelwood tree.

Drama Queen. Anything and EVERYTHING is the end of the world. Though he tried, he couldn’t stop Sarah from finding the tape he’d made that Greg and her friends had put in her coat. This in turn, caused him to lash out at Greg, blaming him for everything that had happened, though it wasn’t anywhere near the disaster he was making it out to be.

Gray Area. While he will try to do what’s right, Wirt doesn’t have a cut and dry view of right and wrong. For example, he was against stealing, yet when he found that the group only needed two cents, he was quite fine with poking around for loose change. When he heard of Lorna’s situation, he wanted to help her out of it, not because there was some attraction between the two, but because he knew that a woman being forced into what was basically slavery was wrong. [Though, there was a reason for that.]

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